My name is Sarah, and back in 2018, I became a first time (dog) mum to Ralph, a very handsome and very spoilt Boston Terrier. Ralph’s short fur meant I needed to find practical jackets and clothing to keep him warm. Whilst his ‘prima donna’ tendencies meant everything needed to be fashionable to keep him looking as handsome as ever. Our family later expanded to include Belle, our beautiful princess, French Bulldog. Belle loves anything sparkly and bling, and so I set about searching for glamorous canine creations to keep my princess happy 🙂 Ralph and Belle quickly became a hit with many local admirers. So they became the inspiration for my online pet boutique where I could share these gorgeous finds and make many more pooches happy.

Pooch Emporium is designed for people like me, who love nothing more than making their dogs happy, snug and stylish whilst not breaking the bank. We offer a celebrity look at a high street price with VIP service always guaranteed. Although Ralph and Belle were the inspiration behind Pooch Emporium, we stock a range of sizes. Whatever size your Prince or Princess is you can get your fashion fix with us.

Unfortunately, we know not all pooches are pampered and loved as they should be. So we’re proud to support local animal welfare charities.

Nothing makes us happier here at Pooch Emporium than making our customers happy.

Enjoy x